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Calculate the thermostat wattage required to control
your electric heaters

  1. Find which heating devices are connected to your thermostat. Heating devices in open-plan rooms (kitchen, living room, dining room, etc.) can be connected to a single thermostat.
  2. Calculate the sum of your heating devices’ powers connected to your thermostat. Here two methods for determinating the load of your devices: :

    A. Look at the number of watts identified on the label of your heater

    B. If the label on your electric baseboard is not readable, use the following rule:

    Number of watts = 250 watts x baseboard length (ft) *

    Example: If your electric baseboard is 6ft long, its power would be 1500 watts (6ft x 250 watts) on 240 volts.

  3. Select a thermostat with a maximum load equal to or greater than the sum of your devices’ power.

*This formula is only used for a 240 Vca installation.


Problem solved !