The advantages of the Zigbee communication protocol

Here are the 4 main advantages of the Zigbee communication protocol:

Possibility of having a very large network: The Zigbee communication protocol uses a mesh network architecture (in English), allowing all connected smart devices to act as repeaters for a signal emitted by a terminal.

Sinopé’s Zigbee and Mi-Wi ranges use mesh as the network architecture. The gateway forwards the received instruction to the nearest smart device, which in turn relays the information to the next device. This way of proceeding ensures reliable, constant and uninterrupted connectivity between all connected devices.

Dynamic communication: No matter what order you install your smart devices, communication will always be optimal.

Low power consumption: Zigbee is a very low power protocol that can provide long life for battery-powered devices.

Secure control: Due to its mesh architecture, the Zigbee communication protocol is a highly secure encrypted protocol for safe control of your smart home.

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