Reasons why a temperature read, may be different from
one thermostat to another

The presence of cooling or heating sources near your thermostat may affect the temperature displayed on the screen. Strong ventilation, air drafts, the presence of a dimmer or another device nearby can falsify the temperature reading since the temperature probe is located in the thermostat housing.

Make sure the thermostat is located away from anything that could influence its display temperature so that it represents the actual temperature in the room.

In addition, the size of the room can also be a factor that influences the temperature read by the thermostat. When two thermostats are located in rooms of different sizes, the temperatures displayed on the screen may also be different, even if their set temperature is the same. One room may be more difficult to heat than another.

Finally, the thermostat’s display resolution of 0.5 ° C can also create a temperature difference between two thermostats. The maximum deviation due to the resolution of the device is 1.5 ° C.