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Smart thermostat for electric floor heating



Meet your thermostat

Your Wi-Fi floor heating thermostat gives you a host of control possibilities. Discover its many features.

Installing your thermostat

The thermostat for electric floor heating is very easy to install. A few wires to connect and you’re done!

Add the thermostat to Neviweb and to your favorite voice assistant

Your smart thermostat for electric floor heating integrates perfectly with the Neviweb home automation platform as well as with popular voice assistants. See how adding it is a breeze.

Compatible heated floors

Find out with which type of heated floor the smart floor heating thermostat is compatible.


Please answer these questions so we can determine if your device is compatible with your installation

What type of heating do you want to control ?

Do you already have a gateway installed in your home ?/h3>

What's a gateway and why do I need one ?

A gateway is used to control devices from your mobile phone. Once connected and the application installed on your mobile phone you can add each of your devices for a faster control all remotely.

It is also necessary to have a gateway when you want to connect your devices to other ecosystems such as Neviweb, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit.

Compatibility result

Problem solved !