Is it possible to control my gas fireplace with
one of your thermostats?

The Sinopé smart low-voltage thermostats available in Zigbee (TH1400ZB) and Wi-Fi (TH1400WF) allow remote control of gas fireplaces using a relay and a transformer.

Please note that an electrician should execute the following connections.

  1. Make sure there are 3 wires between the fireplace and the thermostat. Otherwise, the connection cannot be made unless the required wires are added.

  2. Connect a transformer to supply 24 VAC to the fireplace source.

  3. Connect the relay to the transformer and the wires going to the thermostat.

  4. Connect the furnace pilot to the relay.


Although Sinopé Technologies does not currently sells relays or transformers, our technical teams approve the use of these two products:


Here is the connection diagram that will allow you to control your gas fireplace from anywhere, at any time, thanks to Sinopé thermostats:

Wiring diagram for the control of a gas fireplace with a Sinopé thermostat