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Smart plug

Smart plug



Smart plug

Meet your smart plug

Your Zigbee smart plug offers you a host of control possibilities. Discover its many features.

Installing your smart plug

The smart plug is very easy to install. Just plug it into a standard outlet and you’re done!

Add your smart plug to your favorite gateway

Your smart plug integrates perfectly with several Zigbee platforms. See how adding it is a breeze.

Compatible small appliances

In addition to table lights, your smart plug is compatible with a wide variety of small appliances.


Please answer these questions so we can determine if your device is compatible with your installation

What type of heating do you want to control ?

Do you already have a gateway installed in your home ?/h3>

What's a gateway and why do I need one ?

A gateway is used to control devices from your mobile phone. Once connected and the application installed on your mobile phone you can add each of your devices for a faster control all remotely.

It is also necessary to have a gateway when you want to connect your devices to other ecosystems such as Neviweb, SmartThings, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit.

Compatibility result

Problem solved !