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Why should I integrate the GT130 gateway
if I already use the GT125 gateway?

  • Because you want to integrate some new Sinopé products to your ecosystem, such as the smart in-wall outlet, the smart plug, or the tank level monitor by Sinopé Technologies. These products use the Zigbee communication protocol, and they are only compatible with the GT130 gateway.


  • Because you want to add a device that is no longer available as a Mi-Wi version. Sinopé Technologies is specialized in energy efficiency, and our thermostats are very popular. Some products are no longer available in the Mi-Wi version. That’s why users can choose to turn to the GT130 gateway to use the Zigbee version of these thermostats.


  • To benefit from specific features like the ability to create automations with all smart devices.


  • To make your second home smarter. Many users own a cottage or a second home that they have not yet equipped with smart devices.

Problem solved !