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Getting started with Neviweb

Welcome to Neviweb and harness the full potential of your smart home devices.


Neviweb gives you access to many features to simplify your life, enhance your comfort, and boost your energy savings.


Get started. Follow the guide!

1- Download the app

Download the app on the App Store or Google Play store. You can also use the online management platform.

2- Create an account

Set up your account, create a location, and add devices easily using the Installation Wizard that walks you through the process step by step.

3- Name your devices and assign them to a room

It’s much easier to find yourself in the app if your devices are accurately named. Moreover, assigning your devices to a room facilitates the use of a voice assistant, whether it is Amazon Alexa or Google Home.


You have installed all your devices at once and do not know how to trace them in the app? Learn how to find a device you just installed.

4- Define the parameters of the devices

This step is a little longer and may vary depending on the number of devices you own. Nevertheless, take the time to do it for each device for a sensational experience that is amazing as you.


To access the settings, select a device, and press the gear icon on the screen.


How to know what the purpose of a parameter is? Open the tooltip text by pressing the question mark of each field for a definition of the parameter.

Here’s how to enable the tooltip: Main Menu> Account Settings> Display Options> Tooltip> Activate

5- Create automations


Automations simplify the use of your smart devices and make energy consumption much more intuitive and based on your real needs. Also, they make it possible to trigger actions according to an event, whether it is related to time, action, or presence.


  • Time and sunrise/sunset automations act as schedules. This feature allows you to create as many time-related events as you want.

  • The action automations are events triggered physically when pressing on a Sinopé smart light switch or dimmer. Thus, a single click or a double-click on the switch or dimmer of your choice can trigger actions for all of your connected products.

  • Presence automations are used to assign setpoints to your devices based on your presence at a location.


If you have many light switches, dimmers, or electrical load controllers, you can create automations. Here are some ideas of automations to inspire you.


6- Turn on geofencing

With geofencing, you no longer need to open the app to trigger the Away mode.
Neviweb takes care of it.


It is also the most effective way to reduce your energy consumption, since your devices automatically receive the Away setpoints that you have previously configured.

7- Program schedules (Wi-Fi and Mi-Wi devices only)

Program schedules so that your Wi-Fi and Mi-Wi devices follow pre-established instructions according to your lifestyle.

Select a device and press the calendar icon on the screen. Do not forget to put the device in automatic mode for the schedule to run.

To quickly find out which devices have a schedule, look for the clock icon.

8- Create scenes

Scenes allow you to create punctual ambiances and activate them using the app. Create scenes for dinner time, movie nights, or your workouts.

Here are some ideas of scenes to inspire you.

9- View your energy consumption

Neviweb provides very accurate energy reports to help you better control your consumption and savings in real-time.

To view the power consumption of a single device, select the device of your choice, and press the chart icon.

To see the energy reports for all your devices at once, select the Consumption History button located on the Dashboard of the app.

10- Control your devices with your favorite voice assistants

Ask Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights or to the Google Assistant to lower the living room’s temperature.[1]


It’s very easy to integrate Neviweb to Alexa and Google Home.


There  you go! You are now a Neviweb expert. Harness your smart home’s full potential.

[1] Zigbee and Wi-Fi devices are compatible with Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. Mi-Wi devices are only compatible with Amazon Alexa.

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