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Using the Home/Away mode

The Current Mode (Home or Away) is available from the Neviweb App Homepage. This mode allows you to assign an Away command to all your devices at the same time, in a single action.


How to determine the Away mode for my devices?

Away mode has priority over setpoints and schedules. Neviweb will hold on executing a program in the Away mode. However, a scene can bypass the Away mode if activated after the former.

When Away mode is enabled, an airplane icon appears at the top right of the screen.




Determine the Away mode for my devices

  1. Select the device
    Select the device to which you wish to assign an away mode, then press on the parameters icon.


  2. Open the Configuration menu

    Open the Configuration menu and scroll down to Away Setpoint or Away Mode field.


  3. Select among the Away options

    Select what will be assigned to your device when the Away mode is activated. The choice may vary depending on the device.


    Understanding the selection

    To read the definition of the choices available, open the tooltip by pressing the question mark in the Away Setpoint or Away Mode field.

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