What can interfere with the communication
of the devices?

Some objects may interfere with radio frequency signals (RF signals) and with your Wi-Fi network if they are near your smart devices, gateways, or your router. Interference can reduce the communication range or temporarily block RF and Wi-Fi signals.

Objects that can interfere with RF and Wi-Fi signals:

  • Microwave oven
  • Direct satellite service
  • A power source (high voltage line, circuit breaker box, etc.)
  • Mobile phones
  • Speakers and other wireless devices
  • Some external monitors and LCD screens

The construction materials used in your home can also reduce the range of communication or block RF and Wi-Fi signals. Here are the most common materials used and their interference potential.

MaterialsInterference potential
Wood, synthetic material, glassLow
Water, brick, marbleMedium
Coating, concrete, armored glassHigh
MetalVery high