How to integrate Neviweb with Amazon Alexa

How to integrate Neviweb with Amazon Alexa

Zigbee, Wi-Fi and Mi-Wi devices are compatible with Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant through the Neviweb app. Here’s how to control your Neviweb compatible smart devices with Alexa.

You must first have created a Neviweb account and have connected your smart devices to it.


Download the Amazon Alexa app from the l’App Store or Google Play to your mobile device.


In the Alexa app, open the main menu at the top left, then select Skills & Games. Open the search box, then enter the word Neviweb. The Neviweb skill will appear on the screen.


Tap Enable to use, then enter your Neviweb account information when requested.


Accept Alexa’s request for permission to access your devices. Alexa will then be connected to your devices controlled in Neviweb.


Tap Discover Devices, then wait. It may take some time for Alexa to detect all devices connected to your Neviweb account.


Select your devices one by one to complete the Alexa installation.