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Configure your SP2610ZB
smart plug

Learn how to customize your Zigbee
smart plug

Configure your SP2610ZB smart plug

Learn how to customize your Zigbee
smart plug

État de la prise électrique
Contrôle de la prise électrique
Historique de consommation énergétique

Smart plug control

Press ON / OFF to activate and deactivate the load.

Smart plug status

The graphical representation of the state of the smart plug. This is where you can see if the plug is currently on.

The color of the plug represents the condition of the smart plug.

When the outlet is not in operation, the color of the plug changes to gray.

Smart plug settings

This is where you can customize and modify the various settings of the smart plug, which are explained to you later.

Energy consumption history

Here you can view the energy consumption graph for this device.

You can find more details on consumption charts in this article:

The settings

Customize your Neviweb

When you have multiple smart plugs and wall outlets in one location, it can be handy to rename them or assign them to a particular room.

This feature can be handy if you are using voice assistants like Google Assistant or Alexa.

To do this, you must access the settings by tapping the icon on the Neviweb screen of the smart plug.

Display settings

Corresponds to the name that will be given to the device in Neviweb
This selection allows devices to be grouped by room to facilitate identification and management.
Add to favorite
Add this device to favorites accessible from the app dashboard

Next step

You can now start programming your smart plug and create automations.


You will find below the most common issues you may encounter.

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