Why should I use lithium batteries in my water leak detector?

When purchased, the Sinopé water leak detector comes with a pair of lithium batteries for installation. They are more resistant to extreme temperatures, deliver more power and have a longer life than alkaline batteries. 

So, if you have alkaline batteries in your detectors, we recommend you to replace them with lithium batteries. Therefore, you won’t have to change them as often since they have a lifespan almost twice as long as alkaline ones. (see table below)

The battery life of the detector depends on the type of batteries used and the device to which it is connected:

DeviceBattery typeBattery life* (normal use)
2nd generation Sedna valve
Lithium10 years
 Alkaline5 years
1st generation Sedna valve
Lithium8 years
 Alkaline4 years
GT130 gateway or other Zigbee gatewaysLithium4 years
 Alkaline2 years

*Battery life is calculated based on optimal usage conditions and may vary slightly.


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