How the TH1300WF integrates with other
devices in Neviweb

If you have a GT125 gateway

You can add the TH1300WF Wi-Fi floor heating thermostat in the same location as your Mi-Wi devices.

You will be able to create scenes that integrate your TH1300WF thermostat and Mi-Wi devices.

The Wi-Fi Floor Heating Thermostat (TH1300WF) will fit seamlessly into your existing product ecosystem. The only difference is that it is impossible to copy the programming schedule from a Mi-Wi device to a Wi-Fi device, and vice versa. However, it is possible to create different schedules for each day of the week and 8 periods per day for the TH1300WF.

If you have a GT130 gateway

If you have a GT130 gateway, opt instead for the Zigbee TH1300ZB floor heating thermostat. You will thus benefit from all the advantages linked to the Zigbee communication protocol, including dynamic communication between Zigbee devices.

If you have Wi-Fi devices, you can add Zigbee devices in the same location. However, devices using different communication protocols must be programmed independently. It is possible to create scenes that include both Wi-Fi and Zigbee devices, but you cannot program automations with the TH1300WF Wi-Fi floor heating thermostat.