In what situations will I receive notifications?

When used with the Neviweb app, the valve and water leak detectors can send email and push notification alerts depending on the type of alert. Each alert must be activated individually for each connected device for which you want to receive notifications.

To receive the alerts, an internet connection is required and the valve must be connected to the Neviweb application.

Detectors (WL4200/WL4200S/WL4210S/WL4200C/WL4210C)
  • Water detection
  • Low batteries
  • Risk of frost
Wi-Fi valve (VA4220WF/VA4221WF)
  • Low batteries
  • Unusual flow (via the flow sensor)
Zigbee valve (VA4220ZB/VA4221ZB)
  • Low batteries
  • Unusual flow (via the flow sensor)

When connected to the GT130 gateway, water leak detectors allow you to receive email alerts when water is detected.


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