A few scene ideas

A few scene ideas

Scenes are used to group your devices' activations that you can trigger in a single action from Neviweb, depending on the time of day or depending on events.

Scenes for different activities

If you have a home gym, dim the lights and turn down the temperature during your workout for better comfort.

Scenes for your vacations, outings, and long weekends

If you are going on vacation for several days, assign instructions to your devices to reduce your energy consumption.

For example, lower the thermostats’ set temperature and turn off the water heater to reduce your electricity consumption.

Note: for scenes related to extended leaves, be sure to turn off time automations (for Zigbee devices) or put your devices in manual mode (for Wi-Fi and Mi-Wi devices).

Otherwise, the automations and schedules will resume their course at the next event encountered, thus cancelling the scene’s setpoints.

Everyday-life scenes

If your wake-up time or bedtime time changes frequently, you may want to create scenes so you can trigger setpoints when you need them instead of waiting for your time automations (Zigbee devices) or schedules (Wi-Fi and Mi-Wi devices).

By doing so, you will reach the desired comfort at the moment that best works for you.

Scenes to create custom ambiances

Movie nights or dinner with friends are moments that require adequate lighting and temperature.

Using the scenes, you are an action away from the perfect ambiance to impress your guests and family.

A scene for every season

Seasonal scenes are particularly useful for locations that are used occasionally, like cottages. Scenes can be used to set devices to a specific temperature for winter or turn off all thermostats during summer.

Make sure, however, that your time automations are disabled (for Zigbee devices) or that the devices are in manual mode (for Wi-Fi and Mi-Wi devices).

Otherwise, the scene will be deactivated automatically by the next event encountered in an automation or a schedule.