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Better understand the
energy consumption graphs

Better understand the
energy consumption graphs

The Neviweb application allows you to view the energy consumption graph for all your connected devices or even the consumption graphs for each device. These graphs show electricity consumption expressed in dollars ($), kilowatt-hours (kWh), minutes and percentage (%) of use, for a day, a week, a month or a year *.

Consumption in dollars expresses the amount spent according to use.

Consumption in kilowatt-hours expresses the energy used by the device over time.

Consumption in minutes expresses the operating time of your lighting devices.

Percentage consumption ** expresses use over time. For example, if you look at a 24-hour graph and the thermostat reads 50%, that means the device has been running 50% of the time, so for 12 hours.

* Annual consumption charts are not available for Mi-Wi devices.

** Percentages are only available for Mi-Wi devices.

Graphic column

It is possible to obtain a more precise value of your devices’ consumption by pressing on a graph’s column.

Devices summary

The Devices summary shows each of your connected devices’ energy consumption during the selected period (24 hours, 30 days, 24 months).

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