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Configure your flow sensor
FS4220 / FS4221

Learn how to customize your flow sensor

Configure your flow sensor FS4220 / FS4221

Learn how to customise your
flow sensor

the settings

Enable flow sensor alerts in Neviweb

It is possible to receive email and SMS alerts when your flow sensor detects abnormal flow rate. 

To do so, you must have previously selected the model number of the flow sensor by accessing the settings of the Sedna smart water valve.

Alarm settings

Action on unusual flow

This parameter sets the action of the valve and the activation of alerts when the flow sensor detects abnormal flow. 

Close the valve and send an SMS and email alert
Send SMS and email alert only
Close the valve only
No action
Duration of abnormal flow before alert

This parameter allows you to select the duration of abnormal flow tolerated before the alert is triggered. (ex: filling a swimming pool, watering the lawn)

30 min
45 min
60 min
90 min
3 hr
6 hr

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