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How to add your device to Apple Home

How to add your device to Apple Home

TH1123WF, TH1124WF, TH1310WF and TH1400WF thermostats are compatible with Apple Home. Here’s how to control your Apple Home compatible smart devices.

You can access additional settings by also adding your devices to the Neviweb app.


Open the Home app and tap Add an accessory or on the +, then on Add an accessory.


Initiate the connectivity session by pressing the two buttons on your device.


Bring your mobile device close to the HomeKit setup code, which you will find in the box included in your device packaging, on the side and back of your device. Place the code in the app window.


The device will be added automatically.


Then identify the device and add it to a room.


You can now control your device with the Home app and Siri.

If the thermostat still displays “CONF”, press both buttons to return to the usual display.


Problem solved !