New in Neviweb

In this section, you will find the history of the new features brought to Neviweb.

Neviweb version 1.19.0

New features and improvements

  • We’ve added direct access to view your devices connected to other platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa on the dashboard.


  • The energy consumption of Zigbee switches and dimmers is now included in a location’s consumption history.


  • Users participating in the  Peak Rewards BC HYDRO program can now view the participating devices’ list directly from the location dashboard.

Bug fixes

  • We fixed a bug with dimmers in scenes


  • We also made a few other bug fixes and performance improvements.

iOS 2.3.0 and Android 2.3.6 versions

New features and improvements

  • A VA4200WZ or VA4220ZB valve connected to a GT130 gateway can now be used to perform automation actions. This allows the creation of water leak automations for devices connected to the GT130 gateway.


  • Mi-Wi consumption histories have been modified to resemble Zigbee consumption histories.


  • The device ID is now visible in the « Info » section of the device settings page.


  • Improved loading speed and performance of the « All devices » page.


  • Automations are now separated by network type to allow the creation and visualization of automations in a location with a GT130 gateway and a GT125 gateway.


  • The energy consumption histories now have a selection at the top of the page to choose the technology to be viewed, namely “Zigbee / Wi-Fi” and “Mi-Wi” in a location with a GT130 gateway and a GT125 gateway.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where a page could have trouble loading the viewed device instead of displaying « unknown device. »


  • The TH1300WF thermostat warning field was displayed blank if no value had been applied before.


  • Multiple corrections have been applied to the scenes.


  • Multiple fixes were applied to automations.


  • Improvements to email and password validation in the « change email » and « change password » sections.


  • Improved display of GT130 Gateway « child » devices and valve in the Device actions page.


  • The language of the Wi-Fi setup guide now depends on the account language (iOS only).


  • The display of copy schedule to another day has been improved.


  • Fixed an issue where the heat level was incorrectly applied for the TH1400ZB thermostat


  • Consumption histories could display “NaN%” in the title for Zigbee dimmers and switches.