A few automation ideas

A few automation ideas

Automations let you trigger the actions of multiple devices at the desired time based on the weather, sunrise/sunset, device action, or your presence.

Here are some automation ideas that will make your life easier:

Automatisations de temps

Time automations

Pour une économie d’argent

To save money

Create an automation that will take dynamic pricing into account and activate your thermostats before peak hours (6 a.m. to 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.).

With this type of automation, your location will be at a comfortable temperature during your energy supplier’s busy hours, and it will help you reduce your electricity bill.

For example, if you are used to maintaining a temperature of 20 ° C and waking up at 6 a.m., set your thermostat so that the temperature is 22 ° C an hour before you wake up. So the temperature will slowly cool down while you get ready for work.

Pour vous aider à sortir du lit au cours de l’hiver

To help you get out of bed during the winter

Set up your dimmer to gradually increase the intensity of your lights according to your wake-up time. When the lights are fully on, you will have no reason to delay getting up.

Pour démarrer la journée du bon pied

To start the day on the right side of the bed

Schedule an automation that will activate your morning essentials, your kettle or coffee maker connected to the smart electrical outlet and your heated floor.

Automatisation de lever/coucher du soleil

Sunrise / sunset automations

Pour allumer les lumières extérieures
Pour allumer les lumières extérieures

To turn on exterior lights

Create an automation that will turn on your exterior lights within minutes of the sun going down, so you can move around safely.

Pour créer une ambiance de soirée

To create an evening ambiance

Configure your dimmer to increase the lighting in your living room according to the sunset.

Automatisations d’appareil

Device automations

Pour allumer et éteindre toutes les lumières de la maison

To turn on and off all the lights in the house

Double-click on the light switch in the entrance and/or bedroom to other light switches in the house. This will allow you to turn on or off a group of lights when you leave/arrive from work, or when you go to bed without using your mobile device – smartphone or tablet.

Pour tout éteindre quand vous partez du chalet

To turn everything off when you leave the cottage

Turn off lights, water heaters and outdoor equipment with the push of a button on one device.

Pour démarrer certains items dans la cour arrière

To start certain items in the backyard

Create an automation that will link a light switch to the electrical load controller installed on your pool or spa equipment to quickly turn off the pump at mealtimes, for example.

Automatisations de présence

Presence automations

Note: For these automations to work properly, enable the geofencing feature

Pour revenir dans une maison accueillante

To return to a welcoming home

Create an automation that sends instructions to your thermostats, lights and table lamps plugged into the smart electrical outlet. When you return, the house will be ready to welcome you.

Pour éteindre les petits électroménagers que vous avez tendance à oublier

To turn off small appliances that you tend to forget

Set up an automation that cuts power to small appliances, like the coffee maker or flat iron, when your location goes into away mode.

Pour préparer le chalet à votre arrivée

To prepare the cottage for your arrival

Program an automation that activates your water heater, thermostats and lights setpoints so you arrive in a comfortable environment and ready for the weekend.

Note: only device automations are compatible with Wi-Fi and Mi-Wi devices.