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The different automation types

The different automation types

Zigbee devices allow you to create automations based on time, sunrise/sunset, action, or your presence.

Discover the different types of automations:

Time automation

A time automation is a schedule that triggers the actions of several devices at the same time, depending on the time and day selected.

We could create time automation called « Wake-up, » which would activate set temperatures of certain thermostats, which would turn on the lights and start the coffee maker connected to a smart electrical outlet.

Note: For Wi-Fi and Mi-Wi devices, the time automations are referred to as “schedules” in Neviweb.

Sunrise/sunset automation

This type of automation makes it possible to trigger the actions of several devices at once a few minutes before or after sunrise/sunset.

We could create an automation for the yard that would turn on the house’s exterior lights and stop the swimming pool motor connected to the load controller, 3 minutes after sunset.

Device automation

Device automation enables the interaction between switches, dimmers, thermostats and smart plugs. When you press a light switch or dimmer, you can trigger the actions of other connected devices. You have to choose the condition and reaction that the automation will trigger.

For example, I choose that double-clicking on the entrance light switch (condition) will turn off the living room, kitchen and entrance lights connected to different light switches (reaction).

Note: These automations are also compatible with Mi-Wi devices.

Presence automation

This type of automation allows you to activate or deactivate multiple devices, depending on your presence at home. These automations can be triggered if you press the Present / Away status button on the Neviweb dashboard or activate the geofencing feature and cross the selected perimeter.

You could create an automation that would turn on the entryway and hallway lights when you arrive home, or you could create an automation that would turn off the lights in the house and turn off your smart plugs when you leave the house.

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