The benefits of using geofencing

The use of geofencing has many benefits

  • Better energy savings and a comfort adapted to your routine
    Every day is different. And because your schedule may change significantly from a day to another, geofencing enables Neviweb and your smart devices to adjust accordingly. The geofencing feature allows you to use energy based on your lifestyle habits. It also provides perfect comfort every day when you return home.

  • You no longer need to open the app to trigger the Away mode
    With geofencing, Neviweb takes care of it without you having to lift a finger. As soon as you cross the selected perimeter, Neviweb sets your location to Away. When you get back home, the app automatically turns on the Home mode, so your house and smart devices are ready to welcome you.

  • Simultaneously set more than one location to Away
    Some users have more than a Neviweb location per street address, which happens when one uses a GT125 and a GT130 for the same address. With geofencing, it is possible to set the same Home/Away parameters for many locations. As a result, they can all be set to Home or Away automatically, without requiring any additional intervention. Geofencing thus simplifies the management of all locations and devices greatly.


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