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Tips for managing your energy consumption

Neviweb’s ultra-precise consumption graphs allow you to know which devices are consuming the most and to perceive anomalies. Here are some things to check to reduce your electricity bill:

Check the kilowatt-hour consumption of less frequented rooms: you may find that you heat the guest room in the basement when it is still unoccupied. You can therefore close the door and reduce the heating in this room to reduce your electricity bill.

Check your light fixtures’ consumption in minutes: If you notice that the master bathroom light stays on regularly for more than 60 consecutive minutes, program a timer so that it turns off after a selected time. Plus, if you notice that a light stays on frequently throughout the night, create an automation that will take care of that oversight for you.

Consult the energy consumption of your rooms as a percentage *: If the percentage of use of a thermostat is much higher than that of a room with a similar surface area, it could be that your room is poorly insulated, that a window open or that the heating system is not powerful enough. In the latter case, change your heating system so that it uses less energy.

* Percentages are only available for Mi-Wi devices.


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