How does the multi-controller work when connected to the Sedna smart valve?

The multi-controller (MC3100ZB) can be connected to the Sedna smart valve and interfaced to an alarm system to trigger certain actions. Here is what this installation allows:

A) Automatic opening and closing of the valve

The Sedna Smart Valve can be opened or closed automatically by arming or disarming your alarm system as you leave. This way, water damage can be avoided when you are away from home. 

Therefore, in order for your valve to close automatically when arming your alarm system, you must connect the output that indicates that the system is armed to the input 1 (In 1) of the multi-controller (see diagram). The valve will reopen when you disarm the alarm system upon your return. 

Note: Make sure there is a relay output (dry contact) available in your alarm panel to connect the cable from the MC3100ZB (In 1), or a PGM output (programmable) that controls a relay card.


Customers using the Sinopé Smart Systems commercial platform can choose not to have the valve shut off when they leave the home if they want the water to remain available in case of fire while they are away. 

Moreover, they can also enable a personalized alert message. Thus, if the input 1 (In 1) of the multi-controller is activated, the message written will be used as a notification to alert the user of the situation. 


B. Warning for the security company

It is possible to notify the central alarm station when a water leak is detected by your Sedna water damage protection system. As soon as a water leak is detected, the signal is sent to the Sedna valve to trigger the automatic shutdown of the water inlet. An alert is sent to the alarm panel via the multi-controller, and the information is then shared with the alarm central. 

To do this, you must connect the Out 1 of the multi-controller to an area of the alarm panel (see diagram).

Note: Make sure there is a vacant zone (ZONE X) in the alarm panel for the cable connection from the MC3100ZB (Out 1).

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