How to make a 3-way installation
for my light switch/dimmer

To perform the 3-way connection of your light switch/dimmer, refer to the 3-way wiring diagram in the installation guide provided with your product. You can also download the installation guide, as well as a 3-way wiring diagrams document, through the Documentation section of your lighting device.

Diagram selection

Locate in your installation where the line wire comes in and where the load wire comes out.

Select from the following options, the diagram that represents the most your installation. Then, refer to the installation guide to find how to link your switch or dimmer to your compatible hub.

Virtual 3-way connection

It is possible to make a « virtual » 3-way connection by programming automations in Neviweb. The trigger of the automations would be the device itself (switch or dimmer). 

Here are the 4 device automations* that need to be created for the virtual 3-way connection to work with your installation:

1. If I activate switch 1, activate switch 2.

2. If I close switch 1, close switch 2. 

3. If I activate switch 2, activate switch 1.

4. If I close switch 2, close switch 1. 

*For more information on automation, you can consult this link.