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How to know the pipe diameter of
my main water inlet?

Follow these easy steps to measure the pipe diameter of your main water line:

  1. Take a piece of string about 152 mm (6 in) long.
  2. Find the location of your main water supply pipe (usually located in the basement or garage).
  3. Remove the insulation pipe from the pipe so that you can wrap the string around it.
  4. Measure how many centimeters (inches) of the string is needed to go around the pipe. Depending on the length found, use the following table to determine your pipe size.

Pipe type

String lengthPipe diameter

70 mm (2,75 in)

3/4 in

 90 mm (3,53 in)

1 in

Steel or PVC83 mm (3,25 in)

3/4 in

 102 mm (4,00 in)

1 in

Flexible polyethylene (PEX)

75-85mm (2,96-3,33 in) 

3/4 in

 95-108mm (3,74-4,24 in)

1 in


Problem solved !