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Technical specifications of your flow sensor

Flow sensor FS4220
Flow sensor FS4220


Read the water flow rate

Detects invisible leaks* that can occur when pipes break in walls and ceilings.

*The flow sensor detects abnormal flow rates of 2L/min (3/4 inch version) 4L/min (1 inch version)

Automatic closure

Sends a closure signal to the main water valve when a leak or abnormal flow is detected.

Action on unusual flow

Choose to close the main water valve immediately or be alerted when an abnormal flow ** is sensed.


** If no action is taken after receiving such an alert, the valve will close to prevent potential damage

Duration of abnormal flow before alert

Select the duration of abnormal flow tolerated before the alert is triggered. (e.g.: filling a swimming pool, watering the lawn)

Energy consumption graphs

View your water consumption in real-time thanks to the consumption graphs in Neviweb.


Compatible with 2nd generation Sedna valves VA4220WF / VA4221WF and VA4220ZB / VA4221ZB

Resistance to hydraulic pressure

1.75 MPa (244 PSI)

Water temperature

Operating: ≤ 60°C (140°F)

3-year warranty

Flow range

FS4220 : 2-45 L/Min

FS4221 : 4-45 L/Min


Stainless steel 304, lead-free


Compliant to ANSI B120.1



Length: 60 mm (2.36 in)

Sensor diameter: ¾ in NPT x ¾ in NPT


Length: 66 mm (2.60 in)

Sensor diameter: 1 in NPT x 1 in NPT

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