Error code



The overload protection of the product is activated. The connected electrical load is too high.


Make sure that the electrical load connected to the thermostat is equal to or less than its technical limitation.

Line voltage thermostat

Maximum load @ 120 Vca

Maximum load @ 240Vca

TH1120RF-30001500 W

3000 W

TH1120RF-40002000 W

4000 W

TH1121RF-30001500 W

3000 W

TH1121RF-40002000 W

4000 W

TH1123ZB1500 W

3000 W

TH1124ZB2000 W

4000 W

TH1123WF1500 W

3000 W

TH1124WF2000 W

4000 W

TH1500RF1800 W

3600 W

TH1500ZB1800 W

3600 W


Perform a reset of the circuit breaker.

  1. Find the circuit breaker connected to the unit.
  2. Disable it.
  3. Wait about 30 seconds.
  4. Reactivate the circuit breaker.

Problem solved?

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