Can Calypso be linked to my Sedna Wi-Fi smart valve?

It is not possible to link the Calypso water heater controller (RM3500ZB) to the Sedna Wi-Fi valve (VA4220WF/VA4221WF) since the two devices use a different communication protocol. As a result, you will not be able to shut down the Wi-Fi valve if the water detection cable connected to your Calypso senses a leak. You will only be notified of the leak via email or push notification. 

If you want your Wi-Fi valve to shut off the water in case of a leak from the water heater, we recommend that you install the detector with perimeter cable (WL4200C) around your water heater instead of the water detection cable (AC4200C-02) that can be connected to Calypso. 

Note: Only devices connected under the Sedna Wi-Fi valve (children of the valve) can control actions performed by the Wi-Fi valve.