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Install your expansion unit

Proceed as follows to install your expansion unit.

Installer un module d'expansion

Procéder comme suit pour installer votre module d'expansion

Install your expansion unit on the wall

Verify that you have all of the items that are included in the box

  • Expansion unit (TR1310)
  • Installation guide – English version
  • Installation guide – French version
  • 2 screws

Follow the installation steps

Here is a detailed guide that will take you step by step through the installation of your expansion unit.

The installation of this expansion unit should be made by a certified electrician and must be installed in conformity with the national and local Electrical Codes.


Before starting the installation of your new expansion unit, make sure that the breakers for your heating system are off the main electrical panel. 


Unlock and lift the unit cover.


Connect the cables in the junction box to the terminals of the unit.

Make sure to firmly tighten the screw terminals for a secure connection. A loose connection can be a fire hazard.


Use the two screws to secure the unit to the electrical box. 


Connect the wires (20 to 24 AWG) to the expansion units. The wires are not polarized. 

To avoid damaging your floor, make sure that the adhesive is cured before starting the heating.


Replace the cover and lock. Power up the unit. 


You will find below the most common issues you may encounter.

If you still need help, contact Sinopé technical support.

Problem solved !