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Create a location and add devices to Neviweb (New account)

Follow these steps to create a location if you are a new user. If you have just created your Neviweb account, adding a location will be the only option available.


Do you already have an account and locations? Here’s how to add a new location


Locations: definition and origin

The location is a complete network of devices for a given place, such as home, cottage, condo, or office. It is possible to manage multiple locations in the same account

Location (Neviweb App) = Networks (

The locations were previously called networks in a previous version of Neviweb ( If you are a user, all your networks will convert into locations.

  1. Create a location
    Indicate the name you want to give the location, the postal code (or zip code) linked to it and the cost per kilowatt-hour charged by your electricity supplier.

    What is the postal code (zip code) for?

    What is the cost per kilowatt-hour for?

  2. Add a gateway 

    Once you have created the location, Neviweb will prompt you to add devices.

    You will need to add a gateway to your location first before connecting any other smart devices.

    The Installation Wizard will guide you in the process, step by step.

  3. Add other smart devices

    After adding a gateway, Neviweb will prompt you to add more devices. Press the + Add Device button. The Installation Wizard will automatically appear.

    Devices already associated with your gateway will automatically appear in the Neviweb App.

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