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Create an automation

Automations allow for a physical interaction between Web Programmable light switches, dimmers, and electrical load controllers. It is a matter of selecting the event and the action that it will trigger.


For example, if I click on the living room light switch (event), then the pool system connected to the electrical load controller will turn on (action).


How to create an automation?


  1. Select Automations
    Open the main
    menu at the bottom right of the screen, then select Automations.

  2. Create an automation
    Press + Create an Automation. Fill the fields, select the events and actions, then save.

  3. Automation created successfully!
    You successfully created your automation! You can view all your automations by selecting the automations when you open the main menu at the bottom right.




Unmatched stability and performance

The automations are saved in the product, which means that they do not depend on the cloud. Therefore, even if you have an Internet outage at home, your devices will work as they should.

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