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How to connect Neviweb to Google Home

The Zigbee devices are compatible with the Google Assistant through the Neviweb app. Here is how to control your Sinopé smart devices with Google Home.


You must first create a Neviweb account and connect your smart devices.

1. Download Google Home app

Download the Google Home app on the App Store or Google Play, then follow the steps to set up your account and home.

2. Connect Neviweb to Google Home

  • On the main screen, open the parameters and press Ad…
  • Press Set up devices, then Have something already set up?
  • In the search field, enter Neviweb and select Neviweb

3. Set up Neviweb

Follow the in-app steps: enter your Neviweb connection information and authorize the access.  

4. Set up each device in your account

For each device, select the location and the room where it is located.

5. Your home is ready!

Once all your Neviweb devices have been set up in Google, you will be able to control them with your favorite voice assistant!

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