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How to configure geofencing?

Note: Ensure to create presence automations (Zigbee) or to assign away setpoints (Wi-Fi and Web Programmable) to your devices, so that the geofencing feature triggers actions.

To configure the geofencing feature and allow the triggering of setpoints based on your distance from a location you must:

1- Open the geofencing feature

From the dashboard or the main menu, press on Geofencing. A pop-up window will appear, asking you to share your position with Neviweb to enable the geofencing feature. Press on Settings.

2- Set position sharing

In your device settings, press on Location and select Always. You need to always share your position for geofencing to work properly.

3- Set geofencing

Go back to the Neviweb app, then select Geofencing on the dashboard or main menu again. Press on Modify Parameters to determine location and radius.

4- Choose location and radius

Touch the map to mark your location, then use the cursor under the map to select the radius. Save.

Note: Use two fingers to zoom in or zoom out on the map.

5- Select the device to track

Back in the Geofencing page, make sure the smartphone or tablet identified in the Tracking Device section corresponds to the one that should be tracked by Neviweb. By default, the app selects the first mobile device used to set up the geofencing feature. To change device, press on Replace Current Device using the smartphone or tablet that you wish to use for geofencing.

Note: the geofencing feature will allow the multi-user mode in spring 2020.

FAQ about geofencing

Geofencing, or location-based triggering, uses your mobile device to detect when you’ve crossed a set boundary and trigger actions in your smart devices.


Based on your geofencing configuration, you can, for instance, lower the setpoint temperature of all your thermostats when you are at 5 km from home.

To select the radius of your location, press with a finger on the map to mark your location. Then, drag the cursor under the map from left to right to select the radius value from 1 km to 100 km.   


The use of geofencing has many benefits:


  • Better energy savings and a comfort adapted to your routine
    Every day is different. And because your schedule may change significantly from a day to another, geofencing enables Neviweb and your smart devices to adjust accordingly. The geofencing feature allows you to use energy based on your lifestyle habits. It also provides perfect comfort every day when you return home.


  • You no longer need to open the app to trigger the Away mode
    With geofencing, Neviweb takes care of it without you having to lift a finger. As soon as you cross the selected perimeter, Neviweb sets your location to Away. When you get back home, the app automatically turns on the Home mode, so your house and your smart devices are ready to welcome you.

  • Simultaneously set more than one location to Away
    Some users have more than a Neviweb location per street address, which happens when one uses a GT125 and a GT130 for the same address. With geofencing, it is possible to set the same Home/Away parameters for many locations. As a result, they can all be set to Home or Away automatically, without requiring any additional intervention. Geofencing thus simplifies the management of all locations and devices greatly.

Yes. As this feature uses your mobile device’s position to detect when you leave the delimited perimeter and to send setpoints to your devices, you need to always share your position with Neviweb for the geofencing to work properly. 


Yes, it is possible to set a location to Home or Away manually from the Neviweb dashboard. The house icon on the left side of the button confirms the presence status: lights are on to confirm the Home mode and lights are off for the Away mode.

Sometimes, time and presence automations may conflict and indicate different setpoints for the same period. In these situations, each new automation takes precedence over the previous one.

Yes. It is possible to set a location to the Away or Home mode manually from the Neviweb dashboard. The Away/Home setpoints will be executed according to the presence automations created (Zigbee devices) or based on the away setpoints saved (Wi-Fi and Web Programmable devices).


Only the geofencing feature requires always to share your position.

The geofencing feature is only displayed when Neviweb is used on a mobile device such as a tablet or smartphone. To access the geofencing functionality, download the Neviweb app on the App Store or Google Play.

For now, the geofencing feature can only be linked to one mobile device (smartphone or tablet) at once. The multi-user mode that will be unveiled in the Neviweb app in Spring 2020 will enable the possibility to link several devices to the geofencing feature.

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