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Display and controls

Smart thermostat for electric floor heating

Display and controls

Smart thermostat for electric floor heating

État de connexion avec la passerelle
Affichage secondaire : Température extérieure (Out)
Température ambiante

Changing settings from the device

To change the temperature settings or the control cycle, you must:


Lower the setpoint temperature to its minimum and keep the   button pressed for 10 seconds to access the menu.


Press the or buttons to change the setting.


Press the and buttons simultaneously to select the next parameter. Continue to press until the end of the list to exit the menu.

Settings that can be changed from the device


NameParameters & settingsDisplay

Load power

0 watt to 3600 watt



Temperature format

°C or °F – (default: °C)



Control mode

A (Air), F (Floor) – (default: F)


4Max Air

Maximum limit of the ambient

(Visible only in F mode)

5 °C to 36 °C – (default: OFF)


5Max Floor

Maximum floor temperature

(Visible only in A mode)

5 °C to 36 °C – (default: OFF)



6Min Floor

Minimum floor temperature limit

(Visible only in A mode)

5 °C to 36 °C – (default: OFF)




Assignment of auxiliary output

OFF, EXP, 15 sec, 15 min – (default: OFF)




Floor sensor

10K or 12K – (default: 10K)



3) The TH1310WF thermostat offers 2 temperature regulation modes:

F mode (default)

Regulates the floor temperature by means of an external temperature sensor with the possibility to limit ambient temperature.

A mode

Regulates ambient temperature with the possibility to limit floor temperature by means of an external temperature sensor.

4) Maximum limit of the ambient temperature (F mode)

Thermostat limits floor heating so as not to exceed the set ambient temperature limit.

5) Maximum floor temperature limit (A mode)

The thermostat limits floor heating to the set temperature to ensure it does not exceed the selected limit. Ideal for protecting engineered wood floors.

6) Minimum floor temperature limit (A mode)

The thermostat limits the minimum temperature of the floor in order to keep it at a comfortable temperature.

This parameter can only be used when a floor sensor is connected to the thermostat.

7) Assigning the auxiliary output (A mode)

The thermostat provides an auxiliary output that has three functions which
are set from the user settings.

15 sec function: Short cycle auxiliary output (15 seconds). Used for a heater
controlled through an electronic relay (SSR).

15 min function: Long cycle auxiliary output (15 minutes). Used for a heater controlled through an electromechanical relay or equipped with a fan.

In the 15 sec and 15 min functions, the thermostat controls the ambient
temperature with the floor. Once the floor temperature has reached its limit, if the desired ambient temperature is not reached, the auxiliary output activates the heating device to reach the set temperature. (The auxiliary output acts as a second heating stage.)

EXP function: Auxiliary output to connect several heating floors (TR1310 sold separately).

OFF function (default): Disables the auxiliary output.


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