Is Calypso safe to prevent the development of legionella bacteria?

Calypso has been designed to ensure a minimum temperature safety threshold to limit bacterial growth. 

Occasionally, Calypso may be excluded from a peak event if the water temperature falls below a safe threshold (due to excessive water consumption before or during the event). Here’s what happens in this situation:

  1. Before the peak event began, the tank was fed at all times to maintain the set temperature selected on the tank thermostat (in this case, 55°C). 
  2. The peak event began 15 minutes ago. A small amount of water has been consumed, so the tank fills up with cold water (which enters at the bottom of the water heater and eventually mixes with the rest of the water). The water leaving the tank at this point is still at 55°C.
  3. After more than an hour since the start of the peak event, more water is consumed, so more cold water fills the reservoir. The quantity of cold water is increasing and approaching the temperature sensor location. The water leaving the tank is now at 53°C.
  4. Two hours after the start of the peak event, too much water was consumed and the water touching the temperature sensor reached the minimum temperature threshold of 45°C (a different minimum temperature can be selected in the app). Calypso will therefore be excluded from the event for safety and comfort reasons.
  5. As there is still a quantity of water being used, cold water is entering the tank. However, since Calypso has been excluded from the peak event, the amount of cold water is now lower since the water heater has been reactivated.

Otherwise, if the water temperature remains safe throughout a peak event, Calypso will remain engaged throughout the peak period and will be reactivated at the very end.