Why was my water heater controller excluded from a peak event?

If the water temperature drops below 45°C during a peak event, the RM3500ZB/RM3500WF will reactivate the electricity to the water heater for safety and comfort. The controller will remain non-participating for the duration of the peak period. If the temperature sensor is disconnected, this condition is ignored.

If you have connected the temperature sensor to Calypso, but have not enabled the low water temperature protection setting in the device configuration in Neviweb, the water heater controller will not be able to participate in a peak event. 

It is also possible to cancel the water heater controller’s participation in a peak event at any time, either by using the ON/OFF button on the product or by using the ON/OFF button in the Neviweb app. The unit will remain non-participating for the duration of the peak event.

Note: The Éco Sinopé feature overrides all other programming. The participation of a device in a peak event is not cancelled by the reception of a Zigbee command, whether it is a schedule or an automation. Thus, at the end of a peak event, this value will determine its return state.


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