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Install your ductless heat pump interface

HP6000ZB-MA model

HP6000ZB-MA heat pump interface

Install a ductless heat pump interface

HP6000ZB-MA model

Installing your ductless
heat pump interface

Make sure you have all the items that are included in the box

  • HP6000ZB-MA ductless heat pump interface
  • Installation guide – English version
  • Installation guide – French version
HP6000ZB-MA heat pump interface

Follow the installation steps

Here is a detailed step-by-step guide that will take you through the installation of your HP6000ZB-MA ductless heat pump interface.

The installation of the ductless heat pump interface must be performed by a qualified professional. Otherwise, it may result in personal injury and/or damage.


Before starting the installation, make sure that the breakers for your ductless heat pump are off at the main electrical panel!

Installation HP6000ZB-MA interface

Open the front panel of the wall unit.


Insert the interface into the dedicated port in the cover of the wall unit.

Installation HP6000ZB-MA interface
Installation HP6000ZB-MA interface

Close the cover of the wall unit.


You will find below the most common issues you may encounter.

If you still need help, contact Sinopé technical support.

Problem solved !