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Smart Water Valve Troubleshooting

VA420WF - Valve reset

Having trouble with your smart water valve? Reset it easily by following these steps.

VA4220WF - Reconnection of the valve

There are several reasons why your valve may have disconnected from the network: interference, change of Internet supplier, new router, change of password for your Wi-Fi network, etc.

Find out how to reconnect your valve to the Wi-Fi network.


VA4220WF - Pairing of your Wi-Fi valve

Find out how to connect your Wi-Fi valve to your home Wi-Fi network.

VA4220ZB - Pairing of your Zigbee valve

Find out how to connect your Zigbee valve to the GT130 gateway or a compatible Zigbee system.


What happens to the smart water valve in the event of a power failure?

Don’t worry! Even if the power goes out, the valve will continue to watch over your belongings for up to 48 hours. Find out more about it here.


Problem solved !