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Gateway troubleshooting

Resetting the gateway connection

Communication between the gateway and connected devices may be weakened or interrupted. Easily reset your gateway connection by following the steps.

Interference with Wi-Fi and RF signals

Certain factors can cause connection difficulties, slow network communications, or intermittent disconnections of your connected devices. Find out how to reduce interference between your devices.

Accessings my device on Neviweb

It may happen that your device is inaccessible in the Neviweb application. Follow the steps to access your device.

Interference with device communication

Certain objects can create interference between the waves of your devices and your gateway. Find out what types of objects can reduce the communication range.

Gateway compatibility with other Zigbee products

The GT130 gateway is compatible with a wide variety of Zigbee devices.

Integration of the GT130 gateway with a GT125 gateway

Find out why you should integrate the GT130 gateway into your home if you are already using the GT125 gateway.


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