How do I know if my water heater controller is participating
in a peak event?

When your Calypso water heater controller is participating* in a peak event, the « link » LED flashes green and the DR icon appears on the product page in the Neviweb app.

Requirements for Calypso to participate in a peak event:

  • For the water heater controller to participate in a peak event, the tank temperature must be above 45°C. If the temperature is below 45°C, the RM3500ZB/RM3500WF will be displayed as Not participating in Éco Sinopé and will remain non-participant for the duration of a peak event. 
  • You must have the low water temperature protection setting enabled in Neviweb for Calypso to participate in the peak event. 
  • If you have chosen to disconnect the temperature sensor, this condition – low water temperature protection – is ignored and the device will participate in the peak event.

*By participating, we mean that the water heater controller will turn off the power to the hot water tank during the peak period, and then turn it back on at the end of the peak event.


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