Why is my thermostat not on Éco Sinopé mode (DR)
during the peak event?

The Éco Sinopé mode might not activate during a peak event if you forgot to press the Save button after choosing your profile in the app. It should also be noted that any modification to the programming of the functionality or the addition of a device can take up to 24 hours before being activated.

It is also possible that the Éco Sinopé mode of your thermostat is deactivated during a peak event if the thermal protection of the baseboard is activated.

Tripping of thermal protection can occur when the heater overheats or when it is obstructed by an object (curtain, furniture, etc.). The baseboard’s and thermostat’s power is then cutoff as to prevent fires. Please check if an object is obstructing your heater.

Note: If you turn on your baseboard and thermostat breaker during the peak event, the Éco Sinopé mode will activate at the next temperature change.


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